What Is The Importance Of Collagen To Your Skin?

Skincare is a vital organ of the body, and unfortunately, this is the most ignored organ of the body too. Woman realize the importance of skin care only when the signs of aging begin to show on the skin. These signs of aging are wrinkles, visible fine lines, dark circles, eye puffiness, crows feet, etc which not only make your look older to your age but also hamper your overall personality. This is where Collagen protein comes into the picture.

Collagen is the vital protein which is responsible for maintaining the youthfulness of the skin. Over 30% of your body comprises of collagen. It plays an important role as it helps to maintain the suppleness, elasticity, flexibility, and radiance of the skin. It provides the skin with nourishment due to which the skin feels soft and pampered. At youth, your body can produce collagen in abundance. Therefore, your skin feels the best at all times. But various factors leads to causing acceleration of the skin aging.

What Are The Various Factors Which leads To Causing Acceleration Skin Aging?

Your lifestyle factors play a significant role with regards to the skin aging. While it is not possible to lead a disciplined and a strict life at all point of time below mentioned are factors that lead to accelerated skin aging:

  • Smoking
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol (however red wine has antioxidant properties, and it is recommended to consume one glass of red wine daily for healthy skin)
  • Exposure of skin to harsh UV rays of the sun
  • Exposure of skin to dust, dirt, and pollution
  • Unhealthy eating habits comprising of fried and junk foods
  • Lack of exercising

Causes of skin aging

All these factors cause the collagen levels to dip. Lack of collagen reduces the hydration levels. The skin begins to crave for nourishment and thus gets dry. This leads to causing various signs of aging to appear on the skin.

How To Keep The Collagen Levels Elevated?

Making some lifestyle changes can help to elevate your collagen levels. Some essential points that could help you boost your collagen levels are:

  • Make use of supplements that have proven ingredients with collagen boosting properties
  • Ensure to give sleep priority. Your body requires at least 7 hours of restful sleep at night
  • Consume a healthy diet on a daily basis. It should have all the nutrients of proteins, fats, etc
  • Maintain a regular exercise routine
  • Make use of alternative therapies such as light therapy

collagen boosting foods

Aging is an inevitable natural occurring phenomenon in the human body, and everyone will need to deal with this. As you age, the collagen levels are going to drop. By making wise lifestyle choices, you can delay the process of aging by keeping collagen levels elevated. But eventually, you are going to have to deal with various signs of aging appearing on the skin. However, there are various skin care products available that can help you with effective anti-aging benefits by boosting the collagen levels. You may choose to use a good product by checking if the product makes use of active ingredients that can work on your skin efficiently and without any side effects taking place.

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